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Using Impulse Responses with Electric Bowed Strings

Why you might want to use an acoustic instrument impulse response with your electric violin, viola, or cello.

Speaking as a classical violinist when I first heard a solid-body all-electric violin (not electro-acoustic) I was pretty fucking disappointed with the sound.

Testing New Violin/Cello Impulse Responses (2020-8-8)

Comparing my old custom violin impulse response (IR) against the new 3SigmaAudio electric bowed strings IRs.

Recently, 3SigmaAudio (3SA) updated their bowed strings impulse response packs to include impulse responses (IRs) intended for full-electric instruments. Previously, they were intended for acoustic-electric only. However, I am a grade-A certified stubborn dumbass who would never let that stop me, so I've long since been using their acoustic-electric impulses and heavily modified them for my violin. Today though, I finally got around to trying out the new versions.