I am very happy to work with you.


As of 8/2/2020, I am currently open for commissions! Please contact me if you would like to commission work.

Projects and Styles

I can do video game music, backing tracks, covers, film scoring, or other music for your project, as well as session work if you need violin tracked or such. I am currently available for large projects.

I am a classically trained violinist and composer, and experienced in writing/producing rock/heavy rock/metal/heavy music, electronic music/chiptune, ambient music, classical music, tango, jazz, and more.

I specialize in amplified 7-string electric violin. It often tends to sound nothing like you would expect a violin to sound, given that it's basically a shoulder cello tuned to drop A#, so it can produce some very unique tones. If you want some uniqueness to your project, then I can give it to you in the form of an instrument which is rarely made, let alone played or worked with to the degree I have.


Currently, my default rate is $25/minute of track length. If you have a large project, an especially complex one, or an especially simple one, I may ask for a higher or lower rate before starting work.

If you're interested or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm always happy to talk!